Our Company

Flora Coatings was originally started in 2014 by two mechanical engineers who were trained to develop new complex functional materials. The two founders have to move out of islands of Hawaii due to the scarcity of resources.  The company was re-registered in the city of Phoenix.  The team members created a unique business model and product portfolio to convince a state of the art incubation facility in the heart of Phoenix. Flora Coatings is currently hosted by the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovations in Phoenix.

Facilities available at Flora Coatings

  • Acid and flammable storage cabinets
  • Automatic coating curing monitor
  • Automatic adhesion tester
  • Automated nanoparticles homogenizer
  • Atomizer and air spray units
  • Contact Angle Goniometry
  • Cross hatch scratch tester
  • Computational facility
  • Centrifuge and motorized pipette controller
  • De-ionized and Ultrapure water system
  • Ductless microorganism scrubber biosafety hood with UV light
  • FTIR Spectroscopy
  • Humidity chamber
  • Heavy duty balances and microbalances
  • Incubators and high temperature ovens
  • Immersion and humidity chambers
  • Viscometer and air flow meter
  • Low temperature storage units
  • Measuring and reaction vessels
  • Mixers, shakers and agitators
  • High temperature shaker
  • Minus 80 freezer and chemical storage refrigerator
  • Optical microscope with polarized light
  • Pencil hardness tester
  • State of the art fume hood
  • Ultrasonic bath mixer
  • UV-light curing equipment with dosimeter

State of the art facilities at Flora Coatings in CEI

The front view of the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) located in Phoenix, Arizona. Flora Coatings is located in CEI.
Front entrance, lobby and administrative blocks at Flora Coatings, CEI.
Dining and meeting space at Flora Coatings, CEI. This location can host smaller meetings and equipped with latest face detection camera and high speed internet facility.
Interactive meeting and presentation facility along with war room at Flora Coatings, CEI. This facility can be used for long distance meeting and discussions. Equipped with camera and high speed internet for Skype or WebEx based presentations.
Conference and lecture hall at Flora Coatings, CEI. This location can accommodate up-to 60 people and equipped with latest presentation equipments and high speed internet facility.
State of the art Competitive Intelligence Lab at Flora Coatings, CEI. This facility is meant for computing and modeling work.  
Waiting room or guest facility at Flora Coatings, CEI. This facility can be used for short meeting and discussions.
Unmatched wet-lab facility for Flora Coatings, CEI. Labs are equipped with automated fume hood and storage for flammable and corrosive chemicals. Smoke and fire alarms, and sensors to detect the leakage of chemicals.
For more information please contact http://www.ceigateway.com/:
275 N. GateWay Drive Phoenix, AZ 85034 — 602-286-8950 — infocei@ceigateway.com