Vital healthcare assets like biomedical implants often have to withstand relentless environment conditions. This includes the damage done by blood and body fluids. Hence, the demand for a safe and secure coating solution that helps protect the implant from corrosion while keeping its properties intact has risen. Flora Coatings offers precise solutions for all types of healthcare implants and equipment.

Body implants have different life spans as their function varies from person to person. We understand how important it is for an implant to work longer and with proper functioning. Our impeccable coating technology ensures that implants remain corrosion resistant and are not affected by body fluids.

We provide coatings for surgical instruments that reduce friction on edges. Our coating procedure turns all healthcare assets resistant to alcohols, spirit, cleaning chemicals and other anesthesia chemicals that normally affect all other coatings. Our coating offers a unique anti-microbial action that prevents cross infection. This process is so effective that you’re medicinal and healthcare equipment can easily be regarded as safe after being coated by Flora Coatings technologies.