Aerospace Coatings

The size of aerospace industries has increased significantly in past few decades leading to high demand of aerospace coatings. Aerospace coating can also be termed as aviation coating, aircraft coating or aircraft paint. Helicopters, jets, airplanes, and other aircrafts are coated with specialized advanced aerospace coatings. The aircrafts manufacture, repair and maintenance use aerospace coatings to prolong the life of the aircraft structures.

The aerospace coatings must withstand extreme operating environment and can be applied to both the exterior and interior surfaces of the aircraft. The exterior surface of the aircraft often requires decorative painting to maintain the appearance and protection against corrosion.

High performance coatings are needed to protect surface from extreme weather conditions and enhance dirt resistance and reduced drag resistance. The requirement of coatings in aerospace industry is highly specific due to the changes in environment regulations. We are working closely with aerospace industries to design high performance aerospace coatings.