High temperature ceramic coatings

High temperature ceramic coatings are normally applied to components that have to withstand highest degree of temperature. Hence, they need to be heat resistant in order to functional properly. Most of the components such as engines of automobiles, marine vessels and aircraft use such coatings.

Flora Coatings provide a unique blend of hardness, corrosion resistance and heat resistance in their high temperature ceramic coatings services. Our coating solutions can withstand exceeding 2000 degrees of Fahrenheit temperature. We understand that ceramics need a high temperature curing and should retain proper adhesion properties.

Some of the main features of our high temperature ceramic coatings include:

  • Adhesion
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Thermal stability for high temperatures
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low dry-film thickness
  • Thermal barriers for sensitive applications
  • Scratch resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Smooth finish

We have been developing ceramic coatings for different components since several years. Our innovative coating materials ensure that the coated output is of the highest quality. We are consistently looking to deliver the best and newest coating technologies to the industry. Our lab is fully equipped to tailor a coating solution on the specific needs of our clients.