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ARCOAT is 1k system for preventing the surfaces from environmental damages. The product is transparent but can be tinted to desired colors. The completely dried product could prevent surfaces from UV light degradation and corrosion.

Architectural coatings are meant to protect and decorate the surface features. Such coatings can be applied on the outer as well as inner surfaces and include sealers, or specialty products. The application process could be by means of brushes, rollers, sprayers and others as necessary. Most of the commercial coatings are available in a form of liquid or powdered particles that on application converts into solid coatings after evaporation of solvent, cross-linking, fusion bonding or coalescence process. The architectural coatings are classified based on their function and composition. There are several types of coating such as inks, ceramics, paints, lacquers, enamel, powder, primers, stains, sealers, and varnishes.

Over the years architectural coatings have undergone a number of changes. The traditional solvent-based architectural coatings are being replaced by the water- based products. The popularity and demand of water-based coatings is due to the fact that these have greater elasticity, impressive resistance to fading and chalking, little odor, and can be used on most materials like metal, wood, and concrete without the need of pre-treatment. Architectural coatings these days are manufactured using variety of raw materials that suits environmental conditions and meet desired properties.  Some of the changes in products are due to the motivations from paint formulators, synthesis chemists, environmental regulators and end users. The architectural coatings embraced waterborne technology that has drastically reduced the emission of volatile organic contents (VOC), and unreacted toxic monomers that are deemed harmful to human health and environment.

At Flora Coatings, we consider several parameters when designing a perfect architectural coating. Our focus is to achieve desired surface features with reduced contamination, temperature sensitivity, enhanced chemical compatibility of the coated surface, and per customer preference. We aim of providing innovative and sustainable solutions to commercial, industrial or residential infrastructure.

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