Flora Advanced Materials




A colorless single component (1k), EPA exempted solvent-based coating that dries in ambient conditions. The product is a combination of proprietary organometallic compounds that can adhere to most surfaces through unique charge transfer complex reactions. The solid film is hard, transparent with low surface energy. This oleophobic solid coating on substrates prohibits the adhesion of any foreign objects. On application, the coated object would become oleophobic with long service life.


It is a set of three products packaged specifically for preserving the interior and exteriors of the automobiles.


This product contains graphene reinforced self-cleaning coating for interior, dressing for tires and wax for exterior shine.

Unlike normal coatings, the automotive coatings are a far more complex and tedious job. This is because while coating automotive, the paint does not display its real properties until various coats have been applied under precisely defined conditions. To take care of this multifarious process, Flora Coatings have skills to help you protecting your automotive  while imparting the desired environmental balance.

We are dedicated to achieve perfection in automotive coatings. Our innovative technologies and solutions ensure that your automotive remains unstressed during the intricate coating process. We are the experts not only in coating, but also in the development and application of new technologies.

When it comes to coatings your automotive, we could be your trusted advisers. We can also provide you a graphical or visual description describing the coatings job in detail.  We have associations with car makers, trim designers, automotive experts and engineers who help us devise the right platform for a perfect automotive coating job.

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