Flora Advanced Materials
Specialty Coatings

Specialty Coatings

Specialty Coatings


UV/EB Photo Cured

UV cured coatings have gained incredible attention due to inherited benefits such as energy efficiency, low workspace requirements, fast and ambient curing temperatures, minimized VOC emissions and superior surface attributes.


Our high-end coating provides a combination of unique properties such as hardness, corrosion resistance and heat resistance in their high temperature services. Our coating solutions can withstand exceeding 1800 degree of Celsius temperature.

HERAL - Heat Exchanger

A colorless single component (1k), EPA exempted eco-friendly solvent based coating that dries in ambient conditions. The thin coating has inbuilt conductivity mechanism and does not interfere with heat transfer efficiency of the coated unit. Coating is a high temperature resistant and provides self-cleaning characteristics. Coating can be easily applied inside and outside the cylindrical objects.
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