Sustainability is a priority of interest at Flora Coatings. Needless to say, it remains no fact that sustainability is not just a part of our work, but an inspiration for all our work. Our sustainable solutions are made on one principle: everything we need for survival depends directly or indirectly on our environment. To pursue this purpose, we provide solutions under which environment can nurture and exist in productive harmony.

Our eco-friendly solutions are crafted to support present and future generations. Our Universal Coating Technology is environment friendly and easy to use. We also provide sustainability in our work ethics as our entire project’s leftover are recycled as useful material. Through our research and development protocols in coating technology, we are constantly developing highly suitable alternates to harmful chromium products that usually initiate the corrosion of your expensive items.

All of our products are environment friendly and our leftovers after the work is always recycled which help us contribute to the sustainability of the environment. With this unique approach, we are proud to be one of the best and efficient coating providers for different purposes including households, architecture, marine, medicinal equipments and automotives. While quality is at the top of our ethics, sustainability is the core of our work.